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Ann AINSCOUGH (1853-1901) m Henry EARNSHAW (1847-1922)

Louisa Walsh (nee Earnshaw)

Ann Ainscough (b 1853) was the 3rd daughter of Hugh Ainscough (b.1822 d. 1882 GGGGrandad) and sister of Thomas Ainscough (1846-19290 (my GG grandad).
The following information has been provided by Richard Harris (Aus -
Ann married Henry Earnshaw, their second daughter was Louisa Gertrude who was the grandmother of Richard Harris (Aus). Louisa was later adopted by her sister (Helen) who married John Whalley, but Louisa retained her maiden name Earnshaw. Louisa married William Walsh, one of their daughter's (Josephine Walsh) was the mother of Richard Harris. Josephine married Stanley Harris, (Richard's father) in Colne, Lancashire.

The photo shows (Richard's grandmother and her family) - Louisa Earnshaw (daughter of Ann Ainscough & Henry Earnshaw) - Louisa is second from the left, standing in the back row. It was probably taken around 1910, but not sure. Her sister Polly is next to her. It is thought that Polly emigrated to the USA, along with her other sister Elizabeth (Lill), who is standing at the right of the photo at the back. The other people in the photo are Whalleys and Earnshaws (Jim Whalley , back row left, next to Louisa).
Louise Earnshaw (or Louisa as she was also known) died in 1951. She was baptised on 26 April 1883. As far as the other sisters go "Polly" was a nickname - known as Aunt Polly, unsure of real name. We know that Polly married John Seed and Louisa married William Walsh and they had nine children 3 of them died in infancy - Richard Harris' mum Josephine was the sixth child.

Louise Earnshaw (daughter of Anne Ainscough) met her husband William Walsh at a Catholic school in Colne - I understand the Ainscough family has a strong Catholic tradition going back centuries in Lancashire.

-(c1847 Osbaldstone, Lancashire- d1922?) married JUN 1873 Ann (Annie) AINSCOUGH (c1853 in Mawdesley, Lancashire- before 1901)

There were 9 children of which 3 died as children;
1.1 Helen EARNSHAW -born about 1871 in Longridge, Alston, Lancashire - died on 18 Jun 1950 in Lancashire married John Whalley
1.2 Kate EARNSHAW -born 1876 in Longridge, Alston, Lancashire - died unknown date
1.3 Elizabeth EARNSHAW- born about 1878 in Lancashire - died unknown date
1.4 Maggie B EARNSHAW -born c1879 in Alston, Ribchester, Lancashire - died unknown date
1.5 Ada E B EARNSHAW - born c1880 in Alston, Ribchester, Lancashire - died unknown date
1.6 Louise Gertrude EARNSHAW-born cApr 1883 - died unknown date married William Walsh

General Notes:
3 Apr 1881 - 86 Church St. Preston Lan Henry Earnshaw bro-in-Law Coal Merchant M 33 M Bn Osbaldston Lan Eng
31 March 1901- 74 Pitt St Dilworth Longridge Lan Eng, Henry Earnshaw Head W 52 M Living on own means: Born Lancs Longridge

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