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Information provided by Jonathon Hopper;
"In 1835 the parish of Croston contained the townships of Croston, Bretherton, Ulnes Walton, Mawdesley and Bispham although originally the following communities had also been part of Croston Parish:

Name Date of separation
Hoole 1642
Chorley 1793
Rufford 1793
Tarleton 1821
Hesketh with Becconsall 1821
Mawdesley with Bispham 1843
Bretherton 1843

Parish records for the Parish Church exist as follows:-
Original Registers at Lancs. R.O. IGI LPRS BVRI-2
Christenings 1538-1948 1643-1861 1538-1727 N/A
Marriages 1538-1948 1538-1559
1570-1876 1538-1727 N/A
Burials 1538-1948 N/A 1538-1727 N/A

Croston was the nearest Catholic Church to Mawdesley until 19thC (or so) - so all early Ainscough were baptised, married and buried (or memorial?) at Croston............
I have been through the on-line Parish records for Croston and pulled out all the Ainscough related names - many variations early on which suggests to me that some of these people couldn't read and write for themselves...
I haven't been through trying to match up families etc. That would be an interesting thing to do......
Looking back through the file I put together (cut and paste from the parish records) Croston seems to be associated with the earliest records (or vice versa) for Ainscoughs. So - the theory that this (Mawdesley) was where they first arrived in Lancs. seems supported by this... they spread out from there...

From looking at this site they are all transcribed for this parish; so no need to read originals.
http://www.lan-opc.org.uk/ This lists the parishes transcribed so far. What I dont understand, is, following only a quick glance, why for Croston the names on births/marriages /burials dont match up.. I dont think people were very mobile then.. so there ought to be a close match.........also a Catholic question - if there wasn't a separate Catholic Church, would Catholics have been registered at the C of E church?
This site looks good for Croston history :

There are two Catholic chapels in the parish, one in Croston, built about the year 1793, and another in Mawdsley; So no early Catholic chapel - so they presumably had to be registered at the CofE church..."


Anonymous said...

Anyone researhing the Pilkington / Ainscough lines especially where connections are found at Rivington or Croston please contact paul@rivington.net

@boobelle said...

Thanks Paul- do you have any information on the Rivington/Ainscough links that you could share? Any family trees would be really useful, we might be able to link them to ours.